Edgerton Outreach Ministry

Edgerton Outreach Ministry

Edgerton Community Outreach is more than an old tobacco building, turned local thrift store.  Inside the store gets more complex and fascinating.  Outreach does more than sell refurnished items.  The wonderful people at Outreach also help those in need, from rental insurance to getting your children presents at Christmas.  They have some amazing volunteers, varying from all ages and locations, who help them make this happen.

Buying a toy car or a Barbie doll at Outreach may not seem like a lot, but it helps more than you know.  Every time you purchase anything at the Outreach, 100 percent of the profit goes to all the helpful programs the Outreach has to offer, such as a food pantry, rental assistance, energy assistance and so much more.  They even help with local programs that have been going on, like Gifts for Kids.  Every shirt that is hung up, every toy that is cleaned and fixed to be sold and every donation that is sent in helps these programs.  That is why the volunteers and donations at Outreach are so important.

Each volunteer, no matter their age, play a big part in helping Outreach and its programs.  For example, every Monday, students from the Alternative have a history walk over to the Outreach and volunteer.  Mostly, the students would help separate, clean up, and fix donated toys, but those weren’t the only things they did there.  During Christmas season some students would help put Christmas trees together, branch by branch.  There is also a 13 year old girl that volunteers to brush dolls’ hair and dress them.

The renovations also played a big part in Outreach.  The renovation project started in August of 2014.  An elevator was installed and the upstairs was built into offices and volunteer space.  Before the renovations, the volunteer space consisted of a small office and a half, now it is three times that.  Now there is enough room for volunteers to separate donations, clean them up, and fix them without it being too crowded.  The offices built are a great help also.  They let workers have the privacy they need to get all of their work completed.

If you would like to volunteer at Outreach, contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Amanda Rendon at the email above, or go to the information booth and ask for information on how to volunteer.  First you would have to fill out a volunteer application, which can be found at Outreach or via email.  Then, Rendon will contact you with an orientation time and training time.