When you visit Edgerton United Methodist Church, you can expect to be greeted warmly and welcomed into our church as one of our family. We're a small church with strong roots in our community. Edgerton United Methodist Church was established in 1854 and we're blessed to still be here today sharing God's Word, supporting our community, and spreading the joy we have in our faith and in being God's children.      
Our worship time is a time of gathering and reconnecting with our friends and family. We sing, we pray, we share our joys and our struggles, and we hear God's Word for our lives as we prepare to go out in the world once more. Our worship time is meant for you to come as you are. Jesus didn't have a dress code and neither do we! Your presence is all we request.  

Our Sunday morning worship is held upstairs in our lovely sanctuary (accessible by elevator) with gorgeous stained glass windows donated by past members, old wooden pews that have been polished by years of people gathering to praise God, and a pipe organ that we've faithfully maintained over the years with the most recent refurbishment in 2012. Its rich, full sound adds a power and joy to the hymns we share.


Our Mission is:
“To Make Christ Known! Our church is to be a place where love is present, hurts are healed, joys and concerns are shared and supported by prayer. Our church is to serve our community and world, realizing and sharing the satisfying and abundant life
Christ brings to all persons.”